Top Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patches around Portland

Updated October 6, 2021 For most, it is a family tradition to visit the pumpkin patch. As soon as a leaf falls on the ground, we start to research the pumpkin patches we want to visit throughout October. Did you also know that many folks use pumpkin patches as a great training opportunity for their…

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Ten Signs of Dental Disease in Pets

February is Dental Health Month and we’re celebrating by giving you three reasons WHY you should take your animals to your Veterinarian for regular dental cleanings. You want that plague and tartar accumulation removed! This process does require general anesthesia for a comprehensive cleaning.

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COVID-Safe Holiday Pet Photos with Santa

Santa pics

What: Covid-safe Santa photos, a virtual event to benefit The Pongo Fund, and Brown Hope. Start getting your pets ready for this year’s COVID-friendly photos with Santa. Our event will look a little different this year as we are going virtual rather than in-person to keep you, Santa, and their elves healthy and safe.  Our…

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Fang! Pet & Garden Supply Fall Fest 2020 October 16 – 18


Join us for pumpkins, gords, and an online costume contest! This year’s celebration may look a little different and masks are required yet we’re celebrating for three days vs. just one.  The event’s raffle proceeds will benefit Mudbone Grown. Mudbone Grown is a black-owned farm enterprise that promotes inter-generational community-based farming that creates measurable and…

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Tips To Prepare Pets for Emergencies

Homeless Dog

From losing power to evacuating safely, there are many tips pet parents should know before the wildfire season starts here in the Pacific Northwest.  To ensure pet owners are prepared, FEMA established September as National Disaster Preparedness Month. Planning ahead of time is essential to making sure you and your animals get out safely when…

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What is the best cat litter?

Updated 09/24/2020 Get the Scoop on Cat Litter: In Order of Nancy’s Favorites Environmentally Friendly Options Do you suffer from kitty litter confusion? Frequently our customers ask us; What is the best cat litter” “>What is the best cat litter?” We pulled together the following resource guide to help clarify some common questions on what…

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What is the Best Dog Food in 2020, According to Staff

Dog Food

There are a lot of new types of dog food recently introduced and our staff managers compiled a list of their favorite brands. The list has a wide variety of choices for pet parents from raw diets to baked foods. These brands are approved by all of our dogs!  There are a few rules when…

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Senior Pets Are The Least Likely Candidates to Find Homes

Senior Pet Adoption

Senior Pet Adoption Fortunately, during COVID, shelters are nearly empty. We know that many people have more time, and more time means saving an animal. Dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs found homes and are living their best lives. What about senior animals? How many seniors are finding forever homes? There are many benefits to adopting…

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15 pet safety tips for hot weather

Hot weather is here and sharing safety tips is always important! You want to take your dog with you everywhere – it’s summer now! But it’s 90 degrees out and your best friend will melt in the car. So you stay home and hang out in the yard instead. If you’re still concerned and not…

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