Help detoxify your home with safe plants that purify your air

Plants that detoxify the air - Spider plant

Plants that detoxify the air Many non-toxic plants help purify indoor air for pets Wildfire smoke causes a lot of problems for our pets, especially those with respiratory illnesses In addition to plants, there are other ways to increase indoor air quality for your animals, including keeping the windows open Your animals are exposed to…

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Oregon Native Plants You Can Grow including SW Washington

Oregon Native Plants Can You Grow

There are many beautiful native plants that are easy to grow in the region Important pollinators help our fruit and nuts grow  Consider planting wildflowers native to the region  Invasive plants compete for space with our native plants  Gardeners love the month of May. Our staff pulled together a list of native plants, plants that…

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Winter Houseplants: Top 10 Low-Maintenance Varieties

Winter houseplants help keep the house from feeling dreary and depressing. It is easy to find a handful of low-maintenance winter houseplants to add to your collection at our garden center, and our staff can help explain the best care and maintenance for new greenery. There are also ways to make your winter houseplants thrive…

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Top Five Plants for your Medicinal Herb Garden

There are many amazing plants you can add to your medicinal herb garden, but we have five we’ve been growing for years. Two of the plants are lavender and calendula; both herbs take off during the summer months. According to The Chestnut Herbal School of Medicine, here are five of the top picks for your…

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Fall Crops: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have your August garden calendar ready? Now is a great time to plan your fall crops. While you enjoy your summer veggies and admire the dahlias blooming you should consider planting before the days get shorter again.  Your calendar should include some maintenance for your garden too. Fertilize cucumbers, summer squash, and broccoli…

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Raising Chickens in Portland: Meet the Experts

Wyandotte Chickens

Chickens have been used to eat bugs for farmers for centuries. And there is nothing more entertaining than watching your chickens scratch and peck. Many say chickens are the gateway bird to other livestock but perhaps you’re just considering a few hens. Whether it’s three hens or ten, look no further! Chicken expert advice When…

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Poisonous Plants for Dogs and Cats

Here are the top 15 Spring showers make spring flowers! But be mindful of the top poisonous plants for dogs and cats! Dogs dig under all plants so many of the flowers in your yard may be an issue. You may not even realize it. The bulb family of plants is dangerous for our pets…

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What to Plant in Spring

Garden Salad

Veggie plants you can start in April and May in Oregon It’s April, so start your seeds now! Our garden experts know that everyone is itching to get in their gardens this weekend. Some of you are planning containers, and others are hoping to get veggies started. So this is a primer on what to plant…

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Weeds With Benefits

Expert Advice from Granville Goff, Nursery Department Head, Fang! Pet & Garden Supply Weeds are great when they’re planted in the right place. When we typically talk about weeds we talk about “invasive plants” and we thought we should flip the coin and look at the many weeds with benefits instead! Everything you read talks…

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Grow Your Own Chicken Treats (Herbs!)

Homemade treats for chickens One of the best projects for spring is growing healthy homemade treats for your chickens. You can try growing a number of herbs in pots covered with chicken wire and see which the ladies enjoy the most. In this post and video, we demonstrate growing rosemary as a homemade treat for…

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