Pet Emergency: Tips to Prepare for the Worst

Homeless Dog

Originally posted: 09/29/2020, updated 05/06/2022 From losing power to evacuating safely, there are many pet emergency tips you should know before the wildfire season starts here in the Pacific Northwest. FEMA established September as National Disaster Preparedness Month to ensure pet owners are prepared. Planning ahead of time for a pet emergency is essential to…

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Top Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patches around Portland

Updated October 6, 2021 For most, it is a family tradition to visit the pumpkin patch. As soon as a leaf falls on the ground, we start to research the pumpkin patches we want to visit throughout October. Did you also know that many folks use pumpkin patches as a great training opportunity for their…

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What is the best cat litter?

Updated 09/24/2020 Get the Scoop on Cat Litter: In Order of Nancy’s Favorites Environmentally Friendly Options Do you suffer from kitty litter confusion? Frequently our customers ask us; What is the best cat litter” “>What is the best cat litter?” We pulled together the following resource guide to help clarify some common questions on what…

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15 pet safety tips for hot weather

Hot weather is here and sharing safety tips is always important! You want to take your dog with you everywhere – it’s summer now! But it’s 90 degrees out and your best friend will melt in the car. So you stay home and hang out in the yard instead. If you’re still concerned and not…

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How to Stop a Destructive Dog: Will Dog Games Help?

How to Stop a Destructive Dog

Dogs are meant to live active lives! Many studies, especially those conducted by zoos, have shown that enriching an animal’s environment improves the psychological and physical well-being of animals which can help stop a dog from being destructive. The co-authors of Beyond Squeaky Toys break down enrichment for animals into six different categories and there…

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Pet Photos with Santa: Coming Back this Month

Santa Pics

‘Pet Photos’ with Santa are back this month! Do you have a holiday scarf picked out for your dog or cat? We’re already planning for the holiday season, so we wanted to make sure you had dates well in advance for this photo shoot at all three of our stores. A new festive backdrop will…

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How to Care for a Blind Dog: Training Tips

Living with a blind dog requires time and patience. Whether your dog is a senior and lost his vision as he aged or your dog was born blind, there are many ways to help him navigate through life. Remember too that your dog’s nose is a very powerful tool and he’ll use this to determine…

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Greyhound Adoptions: Q&A with Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest

The Greyhound breed has become increasingly popular over the years and was one of the first breeds at the American dog shows. According to an article in Wide Open Pets, “Historically, Greyhounds have been used as hunters due to their great speed – they are the fastest breed of dog, reaching top speeds of over…

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