We see Salty’s, Fang! and Three Paws as grocery stores for your pets. Because of this, we will stay open unless directed to close by the government. We are committed to taking care of all our staff and our customers as we work as a community to slow the spread of COVID-19.

 Listed below are some of the actions we put into effect starting February 29th.

  • Improved cleaning protocol. Disinfect all shared surfaces multiple times daily. (Up from doing this twice a week.)
  • Asking staff to say home if they are sick. Our company DOES offer paid sick leave.
  • Making sure staff are washing their hands throughout the day.
  • Not touching our faces, staff may wear gloves to help remind them to do this.
  • Always covering a cough or sneeze.
  • DEBIT and CREDIT CARD payment only. NO CASH.
  • To ensure all our customer’s pets can be taken care of in the weeks to come, the three stores have added some limits to what can be purchased on a weekly basis.
  • Dry food – dog and cat. 2 item limit.
    • Wet food – dog and cat. 2 case limit.
    • Raw food – dog and cat. 2 item limit. (Some exceptions apply due to size of containers, see store for details.)

Read this article for why we believe that stockpiling food is not equitable.


Follow these store links to learn about other ways you can purchase your pet’s supplies at each location and keep with social distancing protocol. Please check our social media pages or this website for updates daily. Stay calm and wash your hands.

Fang Pet & Garden Supply

Salty’s Pet Supply

Three Paws Pet Supply