COVID-19 Safety

Our stores continue to be focused on the safety of our staff and customers and have decided to keep our efforts on protecting our local community.  We are still requiring some restrictions to shop at our stores.

Our current efforts include:

  • Requiring staff and shoppers to always wear a face mask in the store. The nose and mouth must be completely covered. Disposable masks are available at the stores if you forget one.
  • Limiting customer capacity at each store
  • Follow social distancing rules of 6’ clearance
  • Debit and credit card payment payments are preferred for contactless payments. Cash is still accepted. Disinfect all shared surfaces multiple times daily.
  • Requiring staff to say home if they are sick. Our company offers paid sick leave.
  • Washing our hands throughout the day and using hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching our faces.
  • Always covering a cough or sneeze.

Shopping restrictions differ per store due to size. Please follow the links below to learn more about each location.

(updated 7/16/2021)