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Observed Holidays:  4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Salty’s Pet Supply is offering customers an alternative to shopping in-store for the days where errands are virtually impossible. 

Shop 24/7 at our online store. Top sellers are available for purchase on the web with convenient in-store pick up. Give us a call when you are on the way and staff will come out with your order. If a customer’s favorite brand isn’t available online, just reach out to the staff and we’ll get a special order set up. 

Meet the Team



Expertise: Natural remedies and diet recommendations for everyday pet challenges, including solutions for small, itchy, anxious or senior dogs. Tim’s expertise was cultivated through extensive research that helped successfully ease arthritic pain and improve the overall demeanor of his aging dog, Phantom.

Pet: Ziggy Stardust, who is likely a cross between a miniature poodle and an Italian greyhound. Ziggy joined Tim’s household as a sweet, sometimes shy, second-chance rescue dog from Southern California (who sometimes likes to pretend he’s a cat!).


Assistant Manager
Expertise: Affectionately known as the resident cat lady at Salty’s, Ellery’s expertise is mostly centered around all things feline. But she’s also focused on fostering lasting relationships with Salty’s new and longtime customers. She especially loves hearing success stories from pet owners, or even just how happy their pet has been with products she and her team have suggested or recommended.

Pets: Growing up, Ellery’s family always included pets, at least two cats at any given time, but with a smattering of dogs, iguanas, rats, hamsters and chickens too. These days her family includes 12 year old Bug, a great big striped chonk, and Quinn, a seven year old petite Calico. Both cats have been with Ellery since kittenhood!

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