Top Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patches around Portland: A Training Opportunity for Dog Owners

For most, it is a family tradition to visit the pumpkin patch. As soon as a leaf falls on the ground, we start to research the pumpkin patches we want to visit throughout October. Did you also know that many folks use pumpkin patches as a great training opportunity for their dogs? Have a game plan and stay in the areas where there are fewer people hanging out and use treats to encourage calm behavior. When we see a dog, we treat our dog Sherman generously as he’s typically reactive on a leash with other dogs. He needs the environmental enrichment!

Training Tips

If you’re looking for training tips before you go, Patricia McConnell is an expert that is worth getting to know. According to Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., animal behaviorist and ethologist and an adjunct professor in Zoology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison,

“Exercise and time outdoors have a profound effect on dogs and people. Both on healing from drama and building resilience.”

Leash reactive dogs need to build their resilience – a trending topic that focuses on the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or even significant sources of stress.  Reactive dogs need to build resilience. One way to build resilience is opportunities to use his nose! Just spending 30 minutes in the pumpkin patch is enrichment and he learns that seeing other dogs equals hot dogs.

Dog-friendly pumpkin patches

So, where can you bring your dog this month? Our staff found three options- don’t forget your Pumpkin Spiced Latte. We vetted each of these for you. But if you have additional questions, be sure to check their sites and shoot them an email.

  • Bella Organic Pumpkin Patch: On Sauvie Island, this pumpkin patch is a fave of many and dogs are allowed but not in the haunted maze. And that’s not a great spot for dogs anyway! Too scary!
  • Plumper Pumpkin Patch in NW Portland: “They should be friendly with other furries and people, on a leash at all times, and the owner is responsible for messes,” according to the folks we emailed so don’t forget your poop bags!
  • Kruger’s Farm Market also on Sauvie Island: Dogs are not allowed in the corn maze so make sure your trip is planned accordingly, and you only plan to go for some pics and corn on the cob – save the corn maze for a time when your dog doesn’t plan to join the family.

So if you need some training tips or have questions about the best leash to take on your trip, then please ask our staff! We can guide you through the dog gear that is best suited for your dog-friendly pumpkin patch credit: Bella Organic