Top 5 Dog Tips for Back-to-School

Can you believe it is September?

Fall is in the air! We have some suggestions for Autumn flavors to spice up meals and how to keep bored dogs happy now that everyone is back to school and busy!Also, we want your four-legged fur friends to be fall-ready with rain gear, and winter coats so read these back-to-school dog tips to the end for our fave raincoat brands.

Enjoy these 5 Dog Tips:

Weight loss for senior dogs

There are so many health problems associated with overweight dogs; these can include heart disease, diabetes, hip dysplasia and other forms of joint disease.You should easily be able to feel your dog’s ribs and shoulder blades. Reducing portion sizes is one of the best first steps. Also measuring everything can help as well. Don’t try to eyeball it!Having your dog work for their meals is a good way to slow them down and let mealtime last longer. Puzzle or interactive toys are great for senior dogs that need to trim down!

Fall ideas for dog food toppers – spice up meals!

Try some autumn flavors, and these three suggestions are staff recommendations:

  1. Fruits and veggies –puree them! Sweet potatoes and carrots are a great topper, and you can use the sweet potatoes you cook up for your family.
  2. Bone Broths – It is easy to make, and you don’t need to be a culinary expert
  3. Canned pumpkin or yogurt -We sell Nummy Tum Tum pumpkin toppers at our stores, and their pumpkin is a great choice for meals as fiber can help all dogs with digestion. (link to both the topper post and the product page)

Toppers are so much fun!

Boredom Busters!

There are so many ways to keep your dogs busy! From calming music and interactive toys to calming supplements we are here to help you. Our staff can help you pick out interactive toys that take dogs hours to work through in their crate while you’re away.It’s important you keep your dogs safe too so check with us about the toys you’re using at home to help with boredom.

Fall fashion!

How should you keep your dogs in vogue? The rain will, unfortunately, return later this fall, so it’s time to be proactive and prepare now!Don’t you want your dog to be “in fashion” at the pumpkin patch? We love RC Pet Products, and we’ll be selling the rain poncho this season.

Proper supervision

There is a fantastic article in this month’s Whole Dog Journal by trainer Jill Breitner about “proper supervision.” The biggest takeaway for this season is know the difference between reactive, proactive and active supervision!These three types of supervision will keep all the members of your household safe!

  1. Reactive supervision: reacting after the dogs are too close (we are guilty of this!)
  2. Proactive supervision: having a plan, being prepared (great!)
  3. Active supervision: fully present, adult supervision (especially important in some circumstances)

If you know that your dogs or a new dog that just came home to live with you this summer needs “active supervision” – look for a dog sitter or dog walker as this is the best and the highest level of management.This time can be a hard transition for your dog so be patient! If it’s possible, slowly transition into the new routine; perhaps practice leaving for a few hours at a time rather than diving right into a 4-5-hour block where you’re on point for school pick up and sports!We hope these back-to-school dog tips will help your dog transition easily into a new routine. We are here to help you, and you can stop by anytime!